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Converge Christian Center

1367  Main Street

Brockton, MA 02301

Email : brocktoncdc@gmail.com

Phone: (508) 565-8534 or (508) 580-1400


Goals of BCDC

· The Improvement of the quality of life in a holistic way

· Stimulation of local economy

· Increased return on existing assets

· New employment opportunities

· Increase of tax base of the City of Brockton

· Increase of tax contributions at both Federal and State levels

· Increase of property values

· Template for expanded economic development


 Computer, Employment and Business Skills Training

One of the desires of BCDC is to help provide the skillsets necessary for successful employment and business development in the City of Brockton. Check out our training program.


BCDC is a member of  the Christian Community Development Association www.ccda.org