From Yap the NUMBER 1 Student Web Site in
Australia, which is a country of over 25 million kids and students ~ Yap says the
following about "Boinger the Cheerful Doll".

"Boinger the Cheerful Doll" is,
 without a doubt, the cutest thing to ever
occur on the web. Why he has occurred is a
  mystery to all but his Creator. We are,
  however, eternally grateful for his presence.

The Bad News is, "Boinger the Cheerful Doll" sold out.

"Yap" Australia's # 1 online Student community.


From the staff of Rhema Christian Television Ministries
based in South Africa (near Johannesburg), that produces
over 200 hours of Christian television programming per month,
and broadcasts all over the world from South Africa says the
following about "Boinger the Cheerful Doll".

"A wonderful job.
We know that God is going to use the "Boinger the Cheerful Doll" stories
to help children all over the world".

Rhema Television Broadcasts around the world.

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